Orthopaedic insoles,
3D printed for your feet.

Customised and sustainably produced in Germany.

Lindert Schmerzen

Relieves pain and prevents issues in your feet

Increases your personal performance and fitness

Regt die richtigen Muskeln an

Stimulates specific muscles in your legs

Maßgefertigt in Deutschland aus nachhaltigem PU

Custom-made in Germany from sustainable PU

Become a first mover!

You want to do something really good for your feet and the environment? Then get your first pair of sooley insoles now for only 149 EUR!

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What our insole testers say

Customised shoe insoles designed by certified orthopaedic shoemakers

Our insoles are designed by two orthopaedic shoemakers and 3D printed using sustainable materials. Our insoles stimulate specific muscles in your legs and provide support while walking. With their innovative 3D mesh structure, they are active soft at the same time.

Innovative 3D technologies meet sustainability

We truly believe: A sustainable economy is possible. And we are passionate about doing our bit.

Precision 3D scan

Forget about traditional footprints! With our sooley app, you can easily scan your foot from home.

We capture your entire foot as a digital twin with precision down to the millimetre. Our master orthopaedic technicians analyse the 3D model of your foot and hand-make a custom orthopaedic insole that is 100% tailored to your needs. And we match your current insoles to ensure that your new sooley insoles fit properly in your shoes.

Additive 3D printing

Our 3D printing process was developed and optimised by experienced master orthopaedic technicians in our own studio.

sooley insoles are perfectly adapted to your feet and combine excellent breathability with ergonomic stabilisers and an onsteam cover fabric featuring anti-bacterial carbon fibre. That’s not only good for your feet, but also for the environment: our additive 3D printing produces hardly any waste, especially compared to milling processes, which produce around 70% waste.

Made by enthusiasts for you

sooley is where experts in medicine, technology and design meet. Aiming to develop a distinctive product for a healthy society.

Sanya Zillich

Founder & CEO

Jakob Raible

Founder & CTO

Dr. med. Andreas Lernbass

Orthopaedist & surgeon

Florian Halter

Mobile developer

Nik Volz

Experience designer